for Dagenham & Rainham (incl Sth Hornchurch & Elm Park)

Born in 1966 in the East End of London I grew up as part of a working class family living in council housing and attending my local comprehensive school.

Both my parents served our country in the military – my Mother as a Wren and Father as a Royal Marine Commando. Loyalty, tradition and heritage are something I learned from an early age.


I moved to Dagenham East over 25 years ago raising my own family and starting my business here. The local community has always been important to me and over the years I have taken up the following positions:


President of Barking & Dagenham Chamber of Commerce

Vice-Chair of LBBD Skills, Jobs & Enterprise Board

Governor of Barking & Dagenham College

Trustee of the May & Baker, Eastbrook Community Club

Metropolitan Police Special Constable


In terms of politics I was never an activist but my beliefs have always been about what is ‘right and wrong’ not what is ‘left and right’.


People’s trust in the Westminster political elite has all but evaporated.

Today’s career politicians from the LibLabCon who largely have not had a ‘real’ job are viewed as out of touch and self-interested.


UKIP now stand as the party of the working class, the only party believing in freedom from the EU and true British democracy.


As a local person with strong links to both the Dagenham & Rainham area I understand the needs of local people. I’m someone with business acumen and a reputation for plain speaking. I want to be the voice of the people of Dagenham & Rainham and fight tooth and nail for the community on the issues that matter to them most such as; an end to mass uncontrolled immigration and the pressure it puts on local services, schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, housing and jobs. The injustice of the bedroom tax, the overloading and under resourcing of Queens Hospital, closure of King George’s A&E – and of course the struggle to pay those daily bills, which always seem to go up but wages stay low!


Labour will blame the Tories – the Tories will blame Labour for all our problems. The truth is they’re both to blame! That’s why I say “Enough is enough, change is possible, join the People’s Army and vote UKIP.”

Published and promoted by Lorraine Harris on behalf of Peter Harris both of Unit 16+17, Sterling Industrial Estate Rainham Road South, Dagenham, Essex RM10 8TX.

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